Work by opus:creative


The need to follow an independent and entrepreneurial path led Jim Fletcher and Nick Olson, just out of college, into this business. After a stint designing and carving granite headstones, they turned to peddling sign-making door-to-door. Hard work and keen design landed them a handful of clients including Hollywood Video. Eventually, to better fulfill their client’s design needs, they sprung out Opus Creative in 1994.

Title Status Start Date End Date Company
Autodesk - Inventor CD-ROM Template Completed 03/07/2005 04/20/2005 Autodesk
Intel - Briefing Book Completed 02/22/2005 03/23/2005 Intel
Hollywood Video - Development Strategy Completed 02/15/2005 04/01/2005 Hollywood Video
Portland Ad Federation - Website Redesign Completed 02/09/2005 04/28/2005 Portland Ad Federation
Moonstruck Chocolates - Online Order Redesign Completed 01/18/2005 02/02/2005 Moonstruck Chocolate
Intel Cisco Portal Completed 01/06/2005 01/18/2005 Intel
Tektronix - MegaRaptor Seminar Kit Completed 01/03/2005 02/03/2005 Tektronix