Intel - Briefing Book


The Intel Briefing Book committee was charged with defining a template-based solution for presenting information for multiple subjects on the Intel Intranet. The system required a directory of briefing books on multiple subjects across multiple department within the organization. The templates needed to support multilingual constraints that also meet the features required for each subject area.


The opus team conducted a series of interviews with the client team. After several rounds of discussion we had determined that it would be best to provide a working information design to further clarify the client's needed. The we then created a series of information and interface comps for the client to use as templates in the development of the briefing book content


To my knowledge the client received the templates for use within the Intel IT department. I do not know how successful the client was in implementing the templates and the Briefing Book Directory effort. The client was happy with the templates when delivered.

Robert's Thoughts

This project had several political challenges to overcome. The first was the fact that the client was deeply involved with the design and development of the templates. Normally I would welcome client involvement in a project as long as I was allowed to guide them or lead the definition and design of the system. In many cases the client and I had conflicting understanding of our roles within the project. I of course did my best to support the client and provide recommendations and warnings on directions that may not serve the desired goal of the project. However I left the final decision up to the client's information designer/usability expert.