Autodesk - Inventor CD-ROM Template


The team was challenged with building a new advertising CD-ROM for the new Inventor 10 product launch. When we inquired to the client for color and typography standards it became clear that no interactive standards had been defined. The new corporate identity was just developed at the first of the year and lacked any interactive standards. With the client's approval we began the process of developing a standardized template for displaying interactive content for advertising and product marketing.


The solution required gathering requirements from multiple marketing and product departments within the organization. We conducted a series of brainstorming sessions to identify the many uses the template may have within the organization. Through several internal reviews we defined a set of interface components and content templates for displaying topic, chapter, and topic screens. We also provided layout templates for displaying directories of assets and displaying animation and videos.


The final result diverged from the final information design. But the main requirements of consistent navigation and display of video and animation media remained. The client was very happy with the recommended design and final samples.

Robert's Thoughts

The biggest challenge with this project was not defining a standard for the client but instead getting the graphic design department to stick to a template and comply with industry usability standards. In this case the final product focused more on esthetics more than usability.






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