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I am a solutions architect and software engineer, who is currently the Director of Technology at The Mighty Guild. I also provide freelance business and technology consulting providing strategy, industry research, and architecture solutions for clients.
Depending on the engagement I also provide software engineering for both front-end and back-end development on a wide range of platforms and technologies. I have experience utilizing numerous technologies based on the goals of the project. But within the last eight years I've focused my development efforts on open source technologies, Drupal and Wordpress specifically. And while I've developed solutions on both Java and Microsoft technology stacks I'm most comfortable on the aforementioned CMS platforms.

I've worked on Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms utilizing various compiled and scripted languages. This has required that I interface with various web-services platforms and rest-based APIs. And when the need arises I've worked in MySQL, MS SQL, and Oracle database architectures. Importing and exporting data from various formats and business systems. This includes extensive work developing with jQuery and various JavaScript libraries and more recently (within the last four years) I've been working in Sass and Less with different responsive grid systems.

But that is just programming and administration efforts I've had the privilege to provide for my clients. Where I excel is in defining a strategy, identifying the big picture visualizing 5 or 10 year plans and scaling down to primary milestones and practical steps, dependencies, and resources.  I have extensive experience defining strategies, estimates, and resource requirements while ensuring the strategy meets budgetary and timeline goals. 

Throughout my career I've worn many different hats, I've been fortunate to work along side some amazing specialists in their chosen fields. Some formally trained and other self taught. We've worked together on both large and small projects. But during that time they've mentored me directly or indirectly on their respective crafts. The specialties I've work with or positions I've held include (in nor particular order): Internet Advertiser, Information Architect, Usability Engineer, User Experience Architect, Graphic Designer, Systems Architect, Illustrator, Painter, Sculpture, Front-end Software Engineer, Back-end Software Engineer, Solutions Architect, and Systems Integrator.

I've learned the value of defining a strong marketing message, identifying and articulating target audiences and conducting customer interviews, gathering business and functional requirements that inform or are driven by user personas. Modeling user experience patterns and information designs that define user interaction and structure of functional interfaces of various desktop, web-apps, and mobile clients.

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I or my trusted partners have devised network/server architectures both in traditional network topology as well as cloud-bases architectures. I have a strong understanding of the principles applied and how business systems are designed to leverage a decentralized network architecture.

I excel at combining business requirements analysis and services aggregation providing a functional definition of the system, informed by the information/UX design to describe user stories. Each story is segmented and functionality is collected into service groupings. The function sets can be deconstructed into discrete use cases with identifiable dependencies and level of effort. This provides a clear direction on defining tasks for scrum sprints and the required resources to implement it.

Unofficially, my third occupation is educator and mentor. Throughout my career I've been given opportunities to provide peer and client workshops. Detailing analysis and practical programming techniques while providing education on the proper usage of business systems and or development applications. Throughout the last few years I've offered training and career guidance with the goal of providing this either at The Mighty Guild or on a part-time basis.

Current Positions

Morticia's Desire

Portland, Oregon 1/2018 - present

Position Title: Owner

This position is founder and owner overseeing structure, product selection, funding, and management logistics. The primary focus is working with business partners to manage the product selection, marketing, advertising, store setup, logistics management and warehouse inventory.



Portland, Oregon 1/2017 - present

Position Title: Owner

This position is founder and owner overseeing structure, product selection, funding, and management logistics. The primary focus is working with business partners to manage the product selection, marketing, advertising, store setup, logistics management and warehouse inventory.


The Mighty Guild

Portland, Oregon 3/2016 - present

Position Title: Principal, Director of Technology

This position is a principal directorship of the company overseeing structure, standards, principles, and implementation for the guild members and our clients. The position primarily focuses on technology strategy and implementation solutions. With a secondary focus on business consulting and efforts for new business acquisition, providing solutions for proposals, cost estimates, and assumptions.

The position is a working position, in that the director will be actively engaged in the definition, design, development, and delivery of technology solutions across the full enterprise, providing technical solutions including business systems integration, web platform development, mobile and tablet solutions.

This position will also be responsible for the stewardship, mentoring, and enablement of all technical and business analyst staff within the organization.


Robert Foley Consulting, LLC

Portland, Oregon 10/2015 - present

Position Title: Solutions Architect, Owner

As a consultant I provide business strategy and technical consultation. This includes technology recommendations, providing insight into industry knowledge and history, conducting competitive analysis, and modeling services for feature comparisons, customer and user profiling. I also provide requirements gathering and analysis, business and technical process analysis, gap analysis, technical project management, technical architecture and planning, as well as software development.

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