Tektronix - MegaRaptor Seminar Kit


Tektronix requested the development of a asset and marketing CD-ROM to distribute media to their resellers.


The team was tasked with developing a directory to browse the various media and asset elements while providing a brief education on the use of such materials.


The team created a product that met the client's requirements.

Robert's Thoughts

I was brought onto this project near the middle of the production phase. It required organization and categorization of the media assets and an information design to structure the content into a logic order and usage paradigm.

The main challenges of the project was taking over the management and coordination with the client's departments and double checking the media assets. Also, several of the presentations were developed using Power Point and streaming mp3 files. Unfortunately during the development of the Power point assets Microsoft released security patches for the XP operating system which disables the ability to play mp3 files directly within a Power point The solution was to use a more costly and weighty format of Wav files. Curiously enough, I had also determined that windows media files played just fine in Power point While any competing media format was disabled. Interesting development for sure, security patch indeed.