If you are a startup, established company or an agency that has a technical or business oriented problem and are seeking guidance; to identify, define, design, plan, develop and deliver, then I'm here to help.

Technical Business Solutions

I have had the opportunity to work with large multinational corporations, small businesses, and even groups or just one person with an idea and a goal. I have provided technical architecture, software engineering, business analysis, and technical project management for direct clients and as a sub-contractor for various product-based, services and design centric agencies.

I provide an "ego-less" acumen toward solving problems, in that I can scale my support and guidance based on the needs of my clients. I've had the privilege to provide business process analysis, business systems audits and design, while being limited by an annual and monthly budget. I have provided team leadership and software engineering when called upon based on the team makeup and needs of the project.


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Software Engineering

I have had the opportunity throughout my career to learn over 80 programming languages and development toolkits. This ranges from web frameworks, programming languages and compilers for command lines, server and client side development.


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