Surplus Direct - Internet Advertising Manager


Provide graphic design and advertising services for a fast growing eCommerce company.


The solution for the company was clear, we developed a marketing campaign that provided sweepstakes and giveaways to drive people to the company's websites. Once customers reached the websites we provided opportunities to submit for each event and presented the "potential" customers with advertisements of our low margin/high volume items.


The marketing strategy was extremely successful. During this time wide-spread internet advertising was in it's infancy and many of the strategies we employed had not been done before. We started out with a $4000/mth advertising budget making only $20,000/mth revenue. After fourteen months we had $250,000/mth advertising budgets and were making over $2,000,000/mth in revenue!

Robert's Thoughts

This was a trial by fire experience working for Surplus Direct. I had an enormous opportunity to learn from the experiences while working at the company. The result of my team's hard work was evident at the success of the revenue we achieved for my employer. The company was so successful that it was purchased by Egghead computers at or around 10/97. I learned a lot, such as when taking a marketing job that is tied to revenue one must make sure they get a percentage of the profit resulted from one's efforts.