Surplus Direct - Hummer Give Away Campaign


Design an advertising campaign that promotes a free product or event to generate increased traffic to the corporate website.


This Campaign was the third "give away" promotion from Surplus Direct. The purpose of this free promotion was to help build a consumer base in the internet market. This campaign provided an opportunity to signup in a lottery to win a free hummer. Yes you read right a free hummer, at the time the hummer was going for about $164,000 brand new.

During the advertising campaign we advertised on:

  • Info Space
  • 100 Hot
  • Galt
  • Publisher's Clearing House
  • Starting Point
  • Excite
  • Webcrawler


During the advertising campaign we generated over 2 million hits a day to the eCommerce website and over $100,000 in revenue per week. We gathered over 1,000,000 customer contacts and email addresses.

Robert's Thoughts

The campaign was the first of many creative advertising campaigns. This was the first campaign that had real substance. The creative ideas I created played on the concept of the hummer as a status symbol. All advertising banners represented this sense of strength and size. The campaign made Surplus Direct a house hold name and provided the boost we needed to increase revenue forecasts for the next five months.

Project Images: