Surplus Direct - Animated Greeting Campaign


Design an advertising campaign that promotes a free product to generate increased traffic to the corporate website.


This Campaign was the second "give away" promotion from Surplus Direct. The purpose of this free promotion was to help build a consumer base in the internet market. This campaign provided free software to create animated exe files that people could send to friends and family.

During the advertising campaign we advertised on:

  • Info Space
  • 100 Hot
  • Galt
  • Net Buyer
  • Publisher's Clearing House
  • Starting Point
  • AudioNet


The advertising scheme was primarily developed to highlight the product. The product was seasonal and provided increased traffic purely for the novelty appeal. This campaign combined with the weekly special email campaigns increased increased traffic and software sales.

Robert's Thoughts

The campaign was the least inspiring of the campaigns I had developed. However, I did get an opportunity to start using color combinations to measure response. I had discovered that people were more receptive to banners that were black or white and had an engaging message then banners that were bright red or green. Furthermore, providing clear contrasting typography was far more successful than large photographs.

Project Images: