The Mighty Guild - Corporate Website


Provide a basic corporate website with responsive (mobile first) interface providing landing pages and data driven team and services sections.


Drupal 8 was selected for rapid prototyping and modeling features. An existing responsive framework was provided that made mobile first theme creation more efficient.


We build the base site in three days and refined over the following week. This was a great opportunity to get some time working on the Drupal 8 platform. Subsequent days were spent extending the base install with contrib and custom modules and sub-themes.


Admin Toolbar (admin_toolbar) Module

Admin Toolbar Extra Tools (admin_toolbar_tools) Module

WeebDo Breadcrumbs (wb_breadcrumbs) Module

Chaos tools (ctools) Module

Chaos tools Views (ctools_views) Module

Chaos tools blocks (ctools_block) Module

Features (features) Module

Features UI (features_ui) Module

Display Suite (ds) Module

Display Suite Extras (ds_extras) Module

Display Suite Switch View Mode (ds_switch_view_mode) Module

Entity Construction Kit (eck) Module

Entityqueue (entityqueue) Module

Block Page (with Layout plugin) (block_page_layout) Module

Field Group (field_group) Module

Inline Entity Form (inline_entity_form) Module

Entity Embed (entity_embed) Module

Bootstrap Layouts (bootstrap_layouts) Module

Layout Plugin (layout_plugin) Module

Page Manager (page_manager) Module

Page Manager UI (page_manager_ui) Module

Panelizer (panelizer) Module

dropzonejs (dropzonejs) Module

DropzoneJS entity browser widget (dropzonejs_eb_widget) Module

Entity Browser (entity_browser) Module

Entity Browser IEF (entity_browser_entity_form) Module

Image Effects (image_effects) Module

Media entity (media_entity) Module

Media entity image (media_entity_image) Module

Base - Input Formats (base_input_formats) Module

Base - Media (base_media) Module

Base - Pathauto (base_pathauto) Module

Base - SEO Base Config (base_seo_base_config) Module

Block Class (block_class) Module

Client Display (client_display) Module

Configuration Update Base (config_update) Module

Configuration Update Reports (config_update_ui) Module

Contact Block (contact_block) Module

Content Browser (content_browser) Module

Embed (embed) Module

Entity (entity) Module

File Browser (file_browser) Module

Libraries (libraries) Module

Mighty - Services (mighty_services) Module

Mighty - Skills (mighty_skills) Module

Mighty Client (client) Module

Mighty Company (company) Module

Mighty Company - Displays (company_displays) Module

Mighty Display Modes (mighty_display_modes) Module

Mighty Industry (mighty_industry) Module

Mighty Medium (mighty_medium) Module

Mighty Person (person) Module

Mighty Project (project) Module

Mighty Team (mighty_team) Module

Mighty Technology (mighty_technology) Module

Mighty Title (mighty_title) Module

Pathauto (pathauto) Module

SlideShow (slideshow) Module

Testimonial (testimonial) Module

Token (token) Module

Viewfield (viewfield) Module

Panels (panels) Module

Panels IPE (panels_ipe) Module

Rules (rules) Module

Metatag (metatag) Module

Metatag: Open Graph (metatag_open_graph) Module

Metatag: Twitter Cards (metatag_twitter_cards) Module

Google Analytics (google_analytics) Module

Views Bootstrap (views_bootstrap) Module

Views Slideshow (views_slideshow) Module

Views Slideshow Cycle (views_slideshow_cycle) Module

XML sitemap (xmlsitemap) Module

XML sitemap custom (xmlsitemap_custom) Module

Bootstrap (bootstrap) Theme

Mighty (mighty) Theme


Robert’s Thoughts

While the most recent release of the Drupal 8 platform was greatly improved over the official first release. I still feel that Drupal 8 is very rough around the edges and the contrib ecosystem is lagging behind the core development. Still, I plan to keep up to date on the current trends on the most recent version and hope that it will become as flexible and utilitarian as Drupal 7.

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