The Mighty Guild - Business Strategy


How do you structure a consulting services company and what are the core foundation, skills, and service offerings required to compete in a global online competitive market? And who do you structure this company to be employee owned and built to provide a structure career advancement plan?


After eight months of analysis, research, filings, and proposals we founded a formal corporation. Bylaws were written, votes counted and standards, rules, and policies upheld. Lawyers were consulted and bank accounts drawn as we set up the foundations for a company. An organization that invests in the effort, skills, experience and heart of people. A business model based on hard work, strong sound theory, and time tested services and work product that support our client’s goals and speaks to their audience’s inner voice.

I defined a multi-year business strategy with four primary stages of development. Each stage is a self contained corporation with its own distinct services and business goals. The services provide a basis for both internal and external revenue generation. Each enterprise can be autonomous but a guiding principle is each would leverage services and personnel between corporate entities.

Visualizing Corporate Structure


A formal corporation was set up, business bylaws and company policies defined, and marketing materials and identity agreed upon. The core foundation exists, yet the business venture is still seeking more members and business opportunities to spur growth.

Robert’s Thoughts

While I still believe in the mission and I and those whom have and will contribute to this mission have come and gone. The mission, the goal, and the sound business principles that the company is modeled around will prevail. I’ve learned a lot about financials, sales, marketing, and inspiring people toward a goal that is in their own interests.