The Mighty Guild - Administration


This primary challenge of this project was to setup the corporation and all of the business and financial systems required to support the effort. The growing team would be dispersed throughout the continental United States. Services need to support teams on different time zones and on multiple business, creative and technical contracts.


The systems selected need to meet the initial size and complexity requirements of the team while having depth to expand and grow as the organization grows. The services and products must be web-based and in "the cloud" providing a virtual organization that can be flexible based on geographic location and support asynchronous work patterns.


A formal corporation was setup, business bylaws and company policies defined, and marketing materials and identity defined. Core foundation exists, yet business venture is still seeking members and business opportunities to spur growth.

I chose several services for each need.

  • Google Docs
    suite of services (email, document, presentation, video conferencing, groupware)
  • Slack
    for decoupled communication and logging
  • Pantheon
    (cloud hosting and development workflow for Drupal and Wordpress)
  • Hubspot
    (for CRM, sales and marketing and conversion sales work)
  • Intrevals
    (for task and testing ticket management)
  • And several services vendors for CDN, mail, etc.

Robert’s Thoughts

The core systems provide a foundation for the company to provide knowledge share, communicate, and grow!

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