Tektronix - Enterprise Systems Consulting


Tektronix's business and technology departments are tasked with migrating their various systems into a consolidated single platform. The current systems (numbering in over 400 distinct website portals) are comprised of several technology platforms ranging from Oracle PL/SQL applications and JSP/Java Servlets running on Websphere, Microsoft Sharepoint portals, and custom built php/perl applications, with a few 3rd party custom applications thrown in for good measure. The goal is to define a strategy for the consolidation of all media, content, and business processes into a single technology platform and development stack. There by simplifying and consolidating all training, maintenance, and development efforts into a single, low cost, and performance driven strategy. The project is separated into two distinct consulting strategies the first is supporting the requirements and management needs of the business and marketing units within the corporation. The second is providing technology consulting and where applicable providing development support to the technology team within the corporation.


The platform currently under consideration is the open source Drupal platform running on linux-based servers and utilizing mysql as the primary database technology. The system will be developed utilizing multiple server strategies which include single server and clustered server instances based on client and internal department requirements. The project is currently in the requirements and business analysis stage where I am assisting the business departments in defining the scope of the conversion effort. During the first few months of consulting I have worked with the client's business team to identify all of the internal business systems, what technologies are used, and what new requirements and functionality will need to exist to make the transition successful. So far we have identified 21 separate business systems and are focused on defining a migration and transition strategy for each. Some systems may remain in the current technology platform were we will design interfaces or bridge systems to provide access to key business systems within the realm of the intranets and extranet applications. While other business systems have been selected to be totally converted into the Drupal platform, this may include migrating data and media assets.


Project is still in the requirements and analysis phase, I will update the project description once development has started.

Robert's Thoughts

This is a great project, with many logistical and technical challenges ahead. But I am confident that I can support my client's business teams and find the right solution.