Saturday Academy - Software Engineering


The primary purpose of this contract was to provide software engineering support for the client’s staff. An existing product was provided for the primary client and subsequent phases were focusing on extending existing services while providing new services for new user types.


Conduct audits, estimates, and coordinate with fellow contractors and internal staff to support, augment, and extend existing functionality for the client platform. This required extensive code review as no documentation was provided. Furthermore the senior staff who directed the development for the previous phases was leaving the company. Requiring a short and condensed series of meetings, peer reviews, and architectural design discussions.


I provided both frontend and backend development support to the team on numerous aspects of existing system while assisting in the development and testing for the new functionality for the current phase.

Robert’s Thoughts

This contract was purely staff augmentation where I had to work fast on my feet with little to no architectural or systems design discussions. Because of the condensed timelines I was exposed to multiple sections of the code base and different user model roles. This provided some interesting learning opportunities as well as challenges picking up on the coding styles and programming design patterns previous teams used to build previous phases.



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