Drupal 6


Create a new corporate identity, marketing strategy, and new system design on the Drupal platform while leveraging community modules and migrating content and media from previous system. Must provide new features for integration into social networks while providing ease of use and improved user experience.


The solution was to use the Drupal CMS and development platform that provides a low cost yet substancial return on investment. The design needed to provide a consistent management interface for portfolio projects, gallery management, in addition to integration into 3rd party systems for knowledge and reference content. The design leverages several community modules including CCK, views, and many novel theme development techniques while taking advantage of advanced caching strategies.

Modules Used Include:

Migration of content from a custom database was accomplished in part by using the Migrate and Table Wizard modules and several custom scripts. Media is manually migrated as many media elements required post production and renaming for the new content and system structure.


Well the results are still under development, but browse this website to view the result. I think you will agree the design is very useful, informative, and representative of my skills and experience.

Robert's Thoughts

I like it!