Robert Foley Consulting - Corporate Website


Provide a updated website design that highlights Robert's work history, knowledge, and experience while showcasing key projects and accomplishments. Legacy artistic content will be removed or set as a lower priority to sharing and promoting knowledge and subject matter.


The solution for the effort includes migrating legacy content and media from the previous Drupal 6 platform into a updated Drupal 7 platform. New objects were modeled and custom modules and a theme were created. The theme is based off of the bootstrap framework using less as the compiling language for css generation. 


The current solution utilizes the following contributed and custom modules:

Administration Development tools (admin_devel)

Fast Permissions Administration (fpa)

Module filter (module_filter)

Navbar (navbar)

Bean (bean)

Bean Admin UI (bean_admin_ui)

Bean UUID (bean_uuid)

Bootstrap Quicktabs (bootstrap_quicktabs)

Bulk Export (bulk_export)

Chaos tools (ctools)

Custom content panes (ctools_custom_content)

Page manager (page_manager)

Stylizer (stylizer)

Term Depth access (term_depth)

Views content panes (views_content)

Block (block)

Color (color)

Comment (comment)

Contextual links (contextual)

Database logging (dblog)

Field (field)

Field SQL storage (field_sql_storage)

Field UI (field_ui)

File (file)

Filter (filter)

Help (help)

Image (image)

List (list)

Menu (menu)

Node (node)

Number (number)

Options (options)

Path (path)

RDF (rdf)

Search (search)

Shortcut (shortcut)

System (system)

Taxonomy (taxonomy)

Text (text)

Update manager (update)

User (user)

Date (date)

Date API (date_api)

Date Popup (date_popup)

Date Tools (date_tools)

Date Views (date_views)

Dialog (dialog)

Dialog Node (dialog_node)

Display Suite (ds)

Display Suite Bootstrap Layouts (ds_bootstrap_layouts)

Display Suite Extras (ds_extras)

Display Suite Format (ds_format)

Display Suite Forms (ds_forms)

Display Suite UI (ds_ui)

Base - Book (base_book)

Base - Bookmarks (base_bookmarks)

Base - Editor (base_editor)

Base - Editor - Media Embed (base_editor_media_embed)

Base - Entity (base_entity)

Base - Layout (base_layout)

Base - Media (base_media)

Base - Project (base_project)

Base - Project - Display (base_project_display)

Base - Quote (base_quote)

Base - Quote - Display (base_quote_display)

Base - Term - Company (base_term_company)

Base - Term - Employer (base_term_employer)

Base - Term - Industry (base_term_industry)

Base - Term - Medium (base_term_medium)

Base - Term - Service (base_term_service)

Base - Term - Skill (base_term_skill)

Base - Term - Status (base_term_status)

Base - Term - Tags (base_term_tags)

Base - Term - Technology (base_term_technology)

Base - Testimonial (base_testimonial)

Features (features)

Features Override (features_override)

FE Block (fe_block)

FE Date (fe_date)

FE Nodequeue (fe_nodequeue)

FE Profile (fe_profile)

Entity Reference (entityreference)

Entity Reference View Widget (entityreference_view_widget)

Field Group (field_group)

Link (link)

Multiple Selects (multiple_selects)

Multiselect (multiselect)

Icon API (icon)

Imagecache Token (imagecache_token)

CKEditor Filter (ckeditor_filter)

Maillog / Mail Developer (maillog)

SMTP Authentication Support (smtp)

Entity Embed (entity_embed)

File Entity (file_entity)

File Lock (file_lock)

Media (media)

Media CKEditor (media_ckeditor)

Media Internet Sources (media_internet)

Media Responsive (media_responsive)

Media WYSIWYG (media_wysiwyg)

Media WYSIWYG View Mode (media_wysiwyg_view_mode)

Media: YouTube (media_youtube)

Video Embed Field (video_embed_field)

Nodequeue (nodequeue)

Smartqueue taxonomy (smartqueue)

Bean Panels (bean_panels)

Better Formats (better_formats)

Block Class (block_class)

Breakpoints (breakpoints)

CKEditor Widgets (ckeditor_widgets)

Code Filter (codefilter)

Colorbox (colorbox)

Drafty (drafty)

Entity API (entity)

Entity tokens (entity_token)

Entity view modes (entity_view_mode)

Fast 404 (fast_404)

Font Awesome (fontawesome)

Libraries (libraries)

Linkit (linkit)

Menu attributes (menu_attributes)

Menu Block (menu_block)

Menu Block Export (menu_block_export)

Navbar Extras (navbar_extras)

Navbar Menu Source (navbar_menu_source)

Navbar Shiny (navbar_shiny)

Pathauto (pathauto)

Quicktabs (quicktabs)

Quicktabs Styles (quicktabs_tabstyles)

Remote stream wrapper (remote_stream_wrapper)

simplehtmldom API (simplehtmldom)

Strongarm (strongarm)

SumoMe Tools Integration (sumome)

Token (token)

Token tweaks (token_tweaks)

Transliteration (transliteration)

Fieldable Panels Panes (fieldable_panels_panes)

Mini panels (panels_mini)

Panel nodes (panels_node)

Panelizer (panelizer)

Panels (panels)

Panels Bootstrap Layouts (panels_bootstrap_layouts)

Panels Bootstrap Styles (panels_bootstrap_styles)

Panels Extra Layouts (panels_extra_layouts)

Panels Extra Styles (panels_extra_styles)

Panels In-Place Editor (panels_ipe)

Pantheon Platform API (pantheon_api)

Metatag (metatag)

Metatag: Facebook (metatag_facebook)

Metatag: Google+ (metatag_google_plus)

Metatag: Mobile & UI Adjustments (metatag_mobile)

Metatag: OpenGraph (metatag_opengraph)

Metatag: Panels (metatag_panels)

Metatag: Twitter Cards (metatag_twitter_cards)

Metatag: Views (metatag_views)

Service links (service_links)

Shortcode (shortcode)

Honeypot (honeypot)

CKEditor (ckeditor)

CKEditor Link (ckeditor_link)

CKEditor Media Browser (ckeditor_media)

jQuery Update (jquery_update)

Universally Unique ID (uuid)

UUID Path (uuid_path)

Views (views)

Views Bootstrap (views_bootstrap)

Views Calc (views_calc)

Views Infinite Scroll (views_infinite_scroll)

Views Responsive Grid (views_responsive_grid)

Views Slideshow (views_slideshow)

Views Slideshow: Cycle (views_slideshow_cycle)

Views UI (views_ui)

Webform (webform)

Workbench (workbench)

Workbench Moderation (workbench_moderation)

Seven (seven)

Bootstrap (bootstrap)

Crackle - Bootstrap Sub-Theme (LESS) (crackle)

Robert’s Thoughts

This is still a work in progress but so far it suites my needs as I work to provide a "brand" for myself and share my knowledge.