River Network Drupal Salesforce Integration


The client want to consolidate all of their different services onto a single software platform. The current services do not provide user account or service data sharing and as a result the organization does not have a single view of individual and organization participation. The goal of the project is to reduce the number of systems utilized while providing a consolidated set of services based around as few business systems as possible.


The current system is comprised for a Drupal 5, Drupal 6, CiviCRM, and 3rd party e-commerce package, with several smaller support and communication services (such as forums) separated into totally isolated content and users. The goal is to consolidate existing content, media, and user accounts into a single platform. The solution focused on leveraging the Drupal 6 website where by we could add additional functionality and meet the project goals.

  1. Expand the Resource library to provide better searching, filtering, and sorting.
  2. Provide an e-commerce solution to sell products and integration membership management
  3. Provide products to sell merchandise, digital and physical goods, and sell permission-based feature.
  4. Provide a partner portal where partner can create and manage content available to anonymous users and members.
  5. Provide integration with salesforce.com to synchronize Organization profiles between Drupal and Salesforce.
  6. Provide integration with salesforce.com to capture orders from the e-commerce system and associate it to Organizations and or Contacts.



    The results are still pending as the project is not complete.

    Robert's Thoughts