Oaktree Digital - Intranet Development


Oaktree Digital requested programming support to address system bugs and feature development.


I conducted an audit of the existing system and repaired and or redesigned aspects of the GUI, reporting and business systems. I redesigned reporting and GUI interfaces to make the information easier to comprehend and use. I then fixed calculation and business processing code to meet the organizations current business needs.


The client was very happy with the work performed and provided additional client and internal projects.

Robert's Thoughts

This set of mini-projects included auditing five year old ColdFusion code, fixing calculation bugs and display errors. One of the more challenging projects involved reviewing the MS SQL database schema and data and developing a series of recursive stored procedures that calculated incoming project budgets verses actual production budgets by sales department. It was a challenge to get back up to speed on MS SQL centric stored procedures while trying to understand the sometimes cryptic database relationships. But after a week I figured it out and created a set of historical transaction data for the president of the company.