Mighty Portals


The Mighty Guild needed to find a service offering to provide website solutions for customers as prices that small businesses could afford. We have struggled for years to provide sub $1000 dollar service offerings for customers short on time and short on budget. Using Wordpress and Drupal we simply couldn't provide such services and stay profitable.


We reviewed several platforms, reselling agreements, technology reviews and feature set comparisons. Key considerations were ongoing maintenance and security costs both internally to The Mighty Guild and for our clients.


After careful consideration and review we choose the Duda platform. We plan to leverage the platform for clients at our small business level of services. But to be clear, Mighty Portals can't support custom development or custom integration. That's what our level two service offerings are for.

Robert’s Thoughts

So far the platform is flexible, responsive, and provides the opportunity to white label services. And more recently Duda released a development kit to create custom widgets for the real time editor.