Manulife Finanical - 401(k) Training


The project required the development of interactive online training about 401(k) retirement. The treatment includes a series of self evaluations on basic 401(k) education as well as a electronic board game that simulates real work events.


The solution involved designing an interface that was themed based on the client's existing corporate identity and marketing look and feel. I developed a site architecture based on existing print materials and developed a series of screens that stepped users through the basic principles that contribute to a successful 401(k) investment strategy. The result was the development of web-based training system that used perl as the middleware language.


The client was thrilled with the deliverables, final implementation was accomplished by the client's internal IS department.

Robert's Thoughts

This project was my first use of perl in a actual project. The more challenging aspect of the project was the fact that I was not allowed access to the actual development environment. The financial institution's IS department felt access to the actual server and or prototype server was a security risk. (sighs) So most of the development excluded the use of a database and required the development of our own libraries and algorithms.

Project Images: