Jeld-win - Caradco Windows & Doors


The project team was tasked with redesigning the Caradco website while keeping key services such as the distributor and retail directory in place. The design needed to convey a level of professionalism while highlighting the beauty of the windows and doors Caradco offered to the public. The new website needed to speak to consumers, architects, and construction/installation professionals.


The project team designed a new site architecture, interface design, and redesigned the dealer locator and address database.


The client was very happy with the redesign and requested the team to redesign five other website owned by the client.

Robert's Thoughts

This project was a great opportunity to flex our ColdFusion programming chops. The previous team designed a dealer locator and zip code database that was very difficult to maintain or update. We found a new Zip code database from a 3rd party and wrote algorithms to locate address based on the zip code submitted. It took about four designs until we got the result we wanted. The good news was that the five websites the client wanted the team to update also used the same locator service. So we added value to six websites by updating the service.

Project Images: