iTVX - Valuation Editor/Player Ver 5.0


The client required a new interface design for the editor and to expand the player to support multiple themes based on subject matter. The client also required changes to the system to meet the business calculations of the system.


The solution involved redesigning the valuator editor interface to be more user-friendly while totally redesigning the internal workings of the editor and player to support new features and correct calculation errors. (based on the previous efforts of Version 4.0 Project) I also build a themeing layer on top of the player to support multiple color themes using the same business logic.


After several revisions we produced a new editor and player that met the business requirements.

Robert's Thoughts

This was a very challenging project, from a programming and conceptual standpoint but more importantly from a client management point of view. There was some attrition on the client's end because of poor management and communication (the client is based in New York, we are in Portland, Oregon). As a result we had to back-track several times to get the client up to speed on development, new features, and limitations of the technology. The development the team accomplished is amazing work, our core flash developer built a flash-based video editor that allows users to seam together one or more videos into a presentation timeline while also defining analysis segments to evaluate placement. Simply amazing work! I provided programming support on the effort, conducted code review, and testing. I primarily worked on defining the business rules, function design, and programming the themes while fixing bugs here and there. Again, this was a great project to gain more exposure to event-driven and object-oriented flash development.