Intel - ICG Event Management


The Intel ICG team has requested CMD design and develop an event contact management system to capture event respondents. The event contact management tool will provide three interfaces: Main booth, Partner booth, and Villa booth. Each interface will use one unified look and feel and have a consistent number of steps to gather respondent information.

The event contact management (ECM) system will take the long-term strategy in mind and keep the system functional, yet flexible to be used at multiple events. CMD will focus on building the front-end interface and design the database to support the long-term strategy. No administrative tools will be built at this time. As a pilot program Intel ICG has requested the database be constructed using Microsoft Access 2000. CMD recommends using Microsoft SQL server 2000 for future versions of the Event Contact Management system.


This project was developed in stages, the first stage focused on prototyping the end user experience and proofing the integration between a web-based client and a OS dependant card, laser, and barcode scanner system. The second stage focused on migrating the system to a MS SQL server database and building exporting services for marketing and customer management strategies.


The client was very happy with the first version of the system. We used the system at over nine large events held throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Robert's Thoughts

This project was my first development project using the new .NET development environment. The learning curve was very steep and the largest challenge was getting the development environment installed in time to build the application for the first event. Based on the success of the first year of development I provided a development roadmap of services and features that could be built to meet the increasing demands of the event department and other event and meeting departments within Intel.

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