InSport - Online Marketing Campaign


InSport was looking for an integrated solution for providing marketing and ongoing communication with existing customers.


CMD will be doing four different e-mail blasts for InSport in 2004. These blasts will all be based on the creation of an e-mail template that allows CMD to update copy, photography and other creative elements for subsequent blasts. All blasts to include copy writing, deployment, click-through and response rate tracking and reporting.


I was in charge of managing the development, setup, and deployment of the InSport marketing campaign. We used the CMD Direct and Database marketing system the results were integrated into our dynamic reporting system. The strategy provided feedback and metrics on how responsive customers would be to a online marketing strategy.

Robert's Thoughts

I was brought 60% of the way into the product to manage it as it was not being managed well. This project had a few challenges, mainly the requirement that we use lists from four different vendors to contact new prospective customers for InSport. A few days before the first campaign was scheduled to occur no lists had been collected, which meant that they hadn't been normalized and imported into the system. This was overcome by using political pressure in the right places to get things moving. The provide only took about six hours for the first campaign. Moving forward, I was determined to make sure the lists were collected at least a week before the campaigns