Hewlet Packard - Retail Marketing Portal


The Hewlett Packard retail and reseller division required the development of a centralized system for management, distributing, and collecting statistics on the usage of marketing materials provided for retail and reseller 3rd party companies. The system needed to provide a management interface that integrated with the corporate asset management system while providing a customized category and directory system. The goal of the system was to provide a personalized portal for retail and reseller contacts to the HP organization. The system would provide tools for automated notification of media updates and marketing events targeted toward the end users.


We designed a multi-stage development strategy of incrementally adding personalization, marketing wizards, and assess directories for end users. The first stage was to integrate the corporate asset management system with the directory and provide accounts for end users to login to the system. The 2nd stage focused on providing statistics on usage of the system in addition to providing a proxy-based statistical service for collecting usage of online marketing advertisements on 3rd party vendor websites. The 3rd stage focused on a revamp of the GUI (graphical user interface) and providing customized tutorials on marketing strategies in addition to a personalized communication system and product listings.


The client was very happy with the system. It enabled him to centrally provide marketing media to over 300 plus vendor and 3rd party wholesale companies that included on-demand cd-rom shipments of media assets.

Robert's Thoughts

This project had many challenges, such as trying to gain access to the HP intranet to conduct development. The IT staff were not as accommodating as many of our other clients. I was involved with the first two phases of the project but had to leave the project to pursue another project.