Deutche Bank - Prototype


The project requested our research and development team to research new technologies to improve the client's large account customer experience. The large account customers didn't conduct online trading or management of their accounts. Instead the client wanted to develop a professional yet entertaining environment to present the customer's annual reports and performance history.


The research team conducted research into multiple technologies and provided four prototypes the provided experiences in viewing historical gains and losses, providing real time question and answers, and web-based email messaging.


The client was impressed with the research and the proposed service ideas. However, funding for the research was reduced and the client decided to put the project on hold.

Robert's Thoughts

This project provided a great opportunity to conduct industry and technology research to meet the client's goals. The team had the opportunity to mix technologies in ways we hadn't considered before. Such as mixing Flash with DHTML and adding VRML (3d) elements in real time to illustrate historical financial trends.

Project Images: