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The client requested the development of a eLearning course for web deployment on the myplacetolearn.com website. The content had to support dial up and broadband users as well as provide online registration and course grading submission.


The solution was separated into to distinct strategies. The first focused on development of the course and the second on the development and deployment of the online course grading submission system. The design required multiple revisions based on limitations with the Lector authoring software. Because of this some aspects of the content needed to be rebuilt in Macromedia flash. Also to support this and many more course submission requests I built a theme engine system to quickly modify the submission forms and information provided to meet the needs of future requests.


After a long set of development sessions the course went live and the client was satisfied with the deliverables.

Robert's Thoughts

This was another case of learning the short-comings of Lectora. We ended up converting all of the content into flash modules and including the modules into Lector. Lector ended up being just a HTML shell to display flash.