Cotelligent Extranet


The project team was tasked with the development of a extranet to assist project managers in manage communication between clients, contractors, and off-site employees on projects.


The project team developed a website that met the requirements specified by the director of technology. The extranet provided a secure location to upload project files, post messages, and review project samples, betas, and releases.


The internal team was very happy with the extranet and the clients were very happy with the improved communication and update notifications.

Robert's Thoughts

This project had two distinct challenges. The first challenge was learning ASP 3.0 and VBScript and the second was helping the junior developers learn about developing web-based applications. As it turned out I programmed also 99% of the extranet. Most of my time was spent going over sample code and explaining programming theory to my junior developers. The great aspect of training the developers was both came from separate ends of experience and training. One of the developers had 12 years programming cobol and the other had only 4 months experience scripting on HTML and JavaScript. It was a great opportunity to explain a programming concept with co-workers with such diverse backgrounds.

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