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The client requested an audit and assistance managing and migrating to a new location with their building. The previous tenet left the network is a mess and the client needed an audit of the existing network and building layout to enable their team to reclaim a portion of the building.


I spent two days reviewing the network services and physical layout of the hardware and cable network. I gained access to the primary and secondary DNS and active directory servers and conducted port and routing tests to try and track down where hardware physically resided.


After considerable research and discussion with another Network/Support consultant we successfully bridged the current network with the new network switches and ports in the new building location.

Robert's Thoughts

Network debugging, auditing, and administration is not my primary strengths. I know just enough to properly setup and manage a network. For most of my career I have focused on business analysis, project management, software development. So jumping into a network auditing role was pretty challenging. Luckily the challenge only took a few days to accomplish and didn't require expensive diagnostic equipment.


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