Communi(k) - RSS Retail Prototype


The project requested research into the development of a very creative project request service. The team was tasked with researching creative ways to present the order process that provided a game like experience while providing easy to understand information.


The team designed several creative ideas for presenting project management status and management tools. The team conducted process and system analysis that included researching into formal corporate development processes in addition to an analysis of standard multimedia development processes. We also conducted researching into multiple technologies to facilitate the dynamic creation of end client interfaces as well as application and data levels within the system. We conducted abstract application designs that allowed for open-ended customization and design of the business processes and the data gathered. We experimented with designing an object-based database structure in a relational database. The team also developed creative treatments for end users and management staff. Please review the screen shots of the interfaces and conceptual drawings in the samples section. You will note a very robust interface similar to a CD-ROM based application with vivid color, graphics, and navigation interfaces.


Most of the research conducted was reused for other development efforts and the final RSS retail system, which was designed with a more traditional user experience and interface. The application and database architecture was used for the final system. But the amazing interface design I advocated was not warmly received during client review of the system and was estimated to be too costly to build in the production version.

Robert's Thoughts

This project provided an opportunity to think outside of the box. To actually use my creative noodle and fine art background on the design of a system that was conceptually exciting as well as technically. I enjoyed researching the different technologies that were used for the prototype such as flash, DHTML, and development of 3d graphics and a few 3d reports using 3d studio max and cosmo worlds.

Project Images: