Communi(k) - Project Dolphin


The project required gaining support by the owner of the company to build an online project status service for customers. The goal of the system was to provide a professional looking yet playful Extranet system the embodied the personality of Communi(k) while provide easy to understand listing of project documents and project samples.


The solution involved designing a project and document management system that included account management.


The project was extremely successful, in the first year alone we successfully won five large clients solely because of the fact we had an extranet and our competitors were still using FedEx and faxes.

Robert's Thoughts

This project was a great opportunity to learn about Solaris and MySQL. Sadly at this time MySQL only had a command line interface you can imagine the time it took to write a create table query on a command line that didn't allow script imports. The project also provided challenges in designing an extranet service that didn't require any training by clients or internal personell. It was a great challenge that allowed me to conduct R&D into usability and intranet/extranet design.

Project Images: