CMD - Media Search Service


The team was tasked with designing a operating system independent search browser to search archived project resources. The system needed to provide an easy way to find past project resources and submit requests for de-archival and delivery in a timely manor.


The solution was conducting a system and data analysis to model a MS SQL Server database of all media and files provided on each backup tape. The index mapped the backup tape ID, directory structure, file names of all media, as well as project meta data. The end user could search by keywords and add multiple files to a "request queue" to submit to the IS department.
The system was developed using MS SQL server 2000 with a C# ASP.NET browser-based front-end.


The tool meet the requirements of the project and has been used by the creative departments for over a year now. The most challenging aspect of judging success was not the implementation of the tool but the process to get personnel to start using it.

Robert's Thoughts

This project was challenging in that we had to build a conversion tool to read text-based indexes from a tape backup system and create a relational database schema out of it. As is the nature of text files the data was duplicated and each item was on a single line. Data relationships were derived by running keyword searches of paths and file names. After we cataloged the 10,000 + files we then needed to provide context to each which required the team to enter meta data about the projects. This was accomplished by pulling data from the project and accounting system and by using manual data entry.