Class Afloat Website Redesign


The customer requested an updated interface design that provided sophistication while speaking to young audiences and parents. The solution needed to provide a management solution that was easy to use while also providing flexibility to meet the needs of the client's business group.

The solution was to devise a new information and editorial strategy for the client's content. Also we recommended a fresh new design that struck a mood through strong visuals and strength of character.

The solution was to provide a management system and new interface design that provided stability and smartly utilized technology to enhance the experience of the website and intranet tools provided for parents and alumni.

Robert's Thoughts
This was just one of the few first projects I accomplished at my new employer. I really enjoyed the analysis of the current messaging and website content. This provided an opportunity to work with my coworkers to discuss different marketing and editorial strategies for the website. Once we had identified a few different strategies we then worked on the information structure while the art director conducted research on the client's image bank and designed a more contemporary interface design. I really enjoyed the analysis and development strategy for the project. I was not as involved with the production.