Applied Materials - Morgan Leadership Training


The project team was tasked with the development of an interactive online training center for the client. The design had to convey a sense of professionalism while being warm and inviting. The training center needed to be designed to support a series of educational modules.


The team developed a series of templates for presenting content, conducting self assessment, and viewing media. I worked on the overarching hierarchy of the system and provided content sections for given tasks the user would accomplish. The rest of the team designed the interface, wrote the content, and programmed the final product.


The client was overwhelmed with the professionalism and ease of use of the training center and the module we provided. Because of the success CMD received two more modules and additional training projects throughout the corporation.

Robert's Thoughts

The project was a challenge to design and complete within the budget and timeframe given. The client really needed administrative services for the system, yet lacked the funding to pay for the creation of such services. Furthermore, we had to work very hard with the different departments to gather and rewrite the content. It was a mad dash to get the work done in time. But the rewards were great as we had several continuing projects with the client.

Project Images: