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My team was challenged with defining then designing a intranet that would provide tools and services that facilitate and in some cases guide employees to manage, produce, and deliver products and services to the clients and 3rd party vendors. The challenge required defining the company's scooping, budgeting, design, and development processes and modeling a system the reinforced consistent, quality producing products and services. This included services and tools to foster communication, calibration, and timely responsibility. The system needed to provide history and easy access to knowledge, assets, and past ideas, client history, and project financial strategies.


The first order of business was to define a standard strategy for accomplishing projects. This included developing a small, medium, and large project development process. The management team and I worked on modeling a series of strategies that utilized definition, discovery, design, production, testing, delivery. The basic stages were expanded based on the scope and complexity of the project or service. This provided the base business case and rules to model the project, proposal, and budgeting systems.

The next area focused on personnel, designing a skills and experience database of employees, contractors, and 3rd party vendors. The resource management system was comprised of a scheduling system that coordinated the resources with hourly asset allocation algorithms to forecast resource needs based on work volume and resource requirements based on the skills required to meet the project tasks.

The next area we explored was the time tracking and tactic success rate system. The goal was to design a time tracking system that also provided integration with the budgeting and project management systems. This would also provide evaluation of employee performance over a work day or the whole year.


We successfully designed the first phase of the project by defining a development process that was flexible and through enough to meet small and large project scope. However, during this time there was political and management changes throughout the interactive department. Because of this the new management and upper management did not see the need for a system to meet the financial goals of the executives and the board of directors. Sadly the project was canceled before we could begin discovery and design.

Robert's Thoughts

Although the project was canceled it did give me an opportunity to define a thorough development process and practice the business case through multiple projects. The analysis and discovery strategy was very robust and is a concept I use throughout all of my projects.