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Swipht Technologies

Swipht Technologies was founded in 2004 by Jeff Jerome and Brian Payne. Jeff and Brian, each with over 15 years of experience, held senior positions at a large, multi-national IT consulting firm before leaving to start Swipht. Jeff and Brian share a history of delivering a range of large-scale software development initiatives and bring an expertise to Swipht commonly found only in the largest consulting firms.

Title Status Start Date End Date Company
Portland State University - Multi-department CMS Strategy Analysis Completed 02/18/2008 05/05/2008 Portland State University
New York Law School - Site Redesign and CMS Conversion Completed 02/05/2008 09/24/2008 New York Law School
Franz Bakery - Event Management System Completed 01/29/2008 02/05/2008 Franz Bakery
Franz Bakery - Website Redesign Completed 01/14/2008 02/06/2008 Franz Bakery
BridgePort Brewing - Mayor of Beer Town Completed 12/31/2007 12/31/2007 BridgePort Brewing
iTVX - Valuation Editor/Player Ver 5.0 Completed 05/08/2007 07/03/2007 iTVX
Jobdango - Complete System Redesign Completed 05/02/2007 05/10/2008 Jobdango
iTVX - Advertising Valuation Calculator Completed 02/05/2007 02/08/2007 iTVX
iTVX - Valuation Editor/Player Ver 4.0 Completed 02/02/2007 04/24/2007 iTVX
Class Afloat Website Redesign Completed 05/08/2006 10/12/2006 Class Afloat
HSW Enterprises - Wright Track Intranet Completed 04/24/2006 08/15/2007 HSW Enterprises
NBRA Intranet/Extranet Completed 04/21/2006 09/29/2006 NBRA